"Big Boy"

Aptly named “Big Boy”, this computer will get you big frames and even bigger enjoyment. Practically unstoppable, nothing will slow him down! 

Special attention was paid to detail, there isn’t an angle he doesn’t look good from.


  • AMD R5 3600
  • 32GBmhz DDR4
  • B450 Aorus
  • GTX 1070 ti
  • 500GB SSD
  • 750W PSU
  • 240mm AIO


  • 120+ FPS in PUBG Ultra settings
  • 100+ FPS in COD Warzone Ultra settings
  • 250+ FPS in Fortnite Ultra settings

Comes with an automatic 1 year warranty on parts, with an optional 3 year Limited Warranty for only $50 extra. Free delivery within the Niagara Region and GTA.




  • Phone: 365-880-3647
  • Email: coraishicomputing@gmail.com
  • IG DM: @corcomputing
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